Intelligent Systems to Eliminate Fraud


Bust hidden fraudsters using
millions of data points

A card’s historical data is not the only tell-tale sign of potential fraudulent behaviour. A fraudster may use the same IP address, but with different cards or the same email address with a different card. There are many possible permutations for various data points. Even a single commonality may point to possible fraudulent behaviour. MerchantRMS picks up on the commonalities to recognize emerging patterns in groups of transactions and check the various data points linked to each transaction. Nexus is also an invaluable tool because it helps expert fraud reviewers drastically reduce time taken to arrive at conclusions.

Rules Engine

Fine-tune protection
with rules

Our Rules Engine drives fine-grained and detailed decisions for all transactions. The rules can be arbitrarily nested, making the system very flexible for use in even the most nuanced needs. The rules are also conditional, and not executed blindly. If certain conditions are not met, a whole set of rules can be avoided altogether.

MerchantRMS comes with comprehensive rule sets for a variety of industries. These rules are battle hardened over a number of years that MerchantRMS has served customers worldwide spanning various industries. Our simple wizard-based interface deploys tailored rules within minutes.

Packet Analysis

We recognize network characteristics

A fraudster rarely ever leaves a trail. They go to great lengths to hide it. MerchantRMS’s Network Packet Analysis technology picks up these hidden trails by listening in on the low-level communication between the browser and servers. We analyse the characteristics of the network packets being exchanged. We can then detect if the transaction is taking place behind proxies or VPNs.

Trust ID

Beyond humble cookie-cutter methodologies

Relying on just plain cookies to make a device identity is not a stone-age solution, but an ineffective one with today’s criminal geniuses. TrustID uses a combination of advanced techniques that go beyond humble cookie-cutter methodologies to identify devices. A composite identification of devices that works on devices ranging from desktops to mobile devices.

Email Reputation

We catch sophisticated fraudsters with Email

It is not uncommon for fraudsters to assume stolen or temporary identities. As far as emails go, it is very common for them to create single-use email addresses used to commit individual frauds. These email IDs and their bearers leave behind traces all over the Internet as time goes by. Over a period of time - every email has a reputation built for itself. Our Email Reputation system looks for suspicious patterns in order to fight fraud. It can also increase the quality of fraud scoring significantly.

Velocity Checks

We scan every transactions using
thousands of variables

While trying to determine if a transaction might be fraudulent or not, it is important to know the history and of transactions made with the given card. MerchantRMS considers various critical factors such as the value of the transaction and the industry in which the merchant is operating. Our detailed repositories of historical data helps to analyse the transactions in context of the various rules defined for the specific industries.

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