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TrustID is light-years ahead of cookie-based device identification, utilizing composite device ID technology. We help you easily sort out the bad guys from the good guys.

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Our sophisticated Nexus feature doesn't just look at credit card numbers while fighting fraud. It doesn’t leave a single data point unanalyzed! Our technology detects similarities between seemingly unrelated transactions and helps you stay ahead of fraudsters.

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An email can say a lot about the real person behind it. This is why fraudsters rarely use an email address more than once. Our Email Reputation technology counters their strategy by going beyond just plain email ageing analysis with real email reputation analysis. They can run all they want but they can’t hide from us.


MerchantRMS's sophisticated technology is easy to tap into. With a RESTful API integrating MerchantRMS into your business, it becomes a very simple affair. All the proof you will need is right here.

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