Our Success Stories

An international Airline

A success for cloud based
auto intelligence system

In 2011, the airline company’s expanding revenues saw an alarming increase in fraud. With an explosive growth that was almost three times previous benchmarks, the threat that online fraud could derail it all was a hard reality. MerchantRMS was chosen by the airline through one of our white-label partners. This helped the airline combat fraud with state-of-the-art cloud-based technology. Working with MerchantRMS’s white label partner in the region, the airline company set up the system with customized rules to suit its business. An advanced rules engine made it very simple to tweak rules with very few questions asked. With MerchantRMS’s support for optional review teams, the company was able to bring in a much needed human element to fraud management. We also natively supported manual review teams in its fraud prevention workflow.


  • Within 6 months, chargeback rates went from 0.34% to as low as 0.01%
  • From their previous levels, chargeback amounts fell to just 3%
  • Tickets could be issued till the last moment since the manual review process was reduced from 8 hours to 2 hours
  • Payment acceptance rates increased to 35%

Electronics Retailer

A simplistic technology win
against online fraud

Fraud came uninvited to a premier online portal and leading supplier of computer hardware, PCs, laptops, electronic devices, networking devices, cameras and online games. The company’s fraud rates were up to a staggering 11%, making the whole foray into online sales unviable. In an industry where courier receipts and physical goods delivery make it difficult to commit fraud, fraudsters had gone to great lengths.

After deploying MerchantRMS for fraud protection, the results were just staggeringly positive. With simplistic technology seamlessly integrated into the client’s IT environment, our fraud protection measures were both quick and deadly accurate.


  • Fraud reduced from 11% to 0.2%.

Mobile Top-up

Immediate benefits from the
very first day

With over 6 million Euros in revenue in 2012, this European player in the mobile top-up space was having its already narrow margins further compromised due to fraud. The company, which had earlier shown triple digit growth rates, was attracting the attention of fraudsters. The situation was grim.

Their instinctive reaction to block suspicious transactions was costing them since they were turning away almost a third of all their total transactions. There was no fine-grained solution in place, that is - until MerchantRMS. The client opted for a solution that was a mix of software and human intelligence. With MerchantRMS’s deeply integrated support for advanced human-enabled screening process with SLA-based escalations, fraudsters stood no chance.

Immediate benefits

The client saw value right from the very first day. They were able to process all transactions without feeling anxious about undetected fraudulence. Not only were they able to stop fraud, they were also able to accept a lot more transactions that might have been rejected due to broad rules.

With device fingerprinting technology, network packet analysis, historical transaction checks and multi-parameter matrix analysis, MerchantRMS didn’t just throw a broad net to catch the suspicious ones. Our technology backed it up with sharp-shooting abilities.

Outsourced manual review

This merchant opted for the manual review process which meant that they were leveraging the best of software and human intelligence. The MerchantRMS review panel already incorporated the best practices and processes with detailed SLA-based automated escalations so that not a single transaction fell through the gaps.

The Results
In just 2 months of MerchantRMS usage
  • Fraud rates were cut by a massive 70%.
  • Blocked transactions reduced by 35% and still falling
  • As a result of improved order acceptance, revenues grew by 10.8%
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