Top 10 Features of MerchantRMS that will secure your payments from Credit Card Fraud

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The world is going online, but so are the fraudsters. The global losses due to credit card fraud reached $28.65 billion in 2019. Over a third of it is linked to the US alone. Are you looking into giving your online payment gateway solution protection against fraud? If yes, then you have come to the right place.


Most businesses and companies have made the shift from the conventional brick-and-mortar store to the modern-day online store. Therefore, integrating a secure online payment gateway is not debatable!

Customers can now complete transactions through online payment methods like a credit card. Unfortunately, this has also led to an increase in online payment fraud.

A study from Juniper Research shows that the merchant losses due to online payment frauds will go past a staggering $206 billion from 2021-2025. This statistic emphasizes the importance of using a fraud elimination system that provides top-notch fraud protection.

But with so many fraud elimination systems available online, what makes MerchantRMS stand apart from the rest? What are the different RMS payment features that can protect you from credit card fraud? Let’s dive right in to find out!

Types of Frauds in Business


Before we get into the different ways through which MerchantRMS offers online payment fraud protection, you should know the different types of fraud that occur in online business platforms.

Identity theft, credit card fraud, and account takeover fraud are the most common types of system fraud. These frauds occur when a fraudster impersonates another person by using their personal and financial information to make transactions on your platform.

A fraudster gets these details through any one of the following ways.

  • The fraudster steals the customer’s credit card
  • The fraudster hacks the customer’s card details
  • The fraudster makes a counterfeit card using the customer’s card details

When the customer gets to know about any fraudulent activity associated with their card, they can demand a chargeback. As the merchant of your business, you have to pay this amount to the customer. This way, you incur double the loss as you lose your product as well.

Other types of fraud also include refund fraud, clean fraud, and friendly fraud or chargeback fraud.

Why Do You Need a Fraud Protection System?

The Federal Trade Commission reported that almost 1.4 million identity theft cases were reported in the US in 2020 alone.

UK Finance also stated that the UK witnessed a 12% increase in the number of remote purchase fraud cases in 2020 from 2019. 

Similarly, Canada also saw an astonishing 435% increase in suspected online retail fraud from Black Friday to Cyber Monday in 2020 when compared to 2019.

However, integration of fraud elimination and merchant fraud detection systems can help in reducing the losses incurred due to system fraud. The same UK Finance report verifies this fact as they saw a decline in card ID thefts, counterfeit cards, and the losses incurred from remote purchase fraud cases.  

The MerchantRMS Solution for Credit Card Fraud


The best fraud protection companies provide an overall safety net to your online business from all types of fraud.

Few fraud elimination platforms assist you with fraud protection by,

  • Focusing on a single type of fraud or
  • Using a single technique to identify fraudsters

If the fraud protection platform utilizes only one identification and tracing method, fraudsters can easily find a loophole around it and continue to commit fraud on your website.

This is one area in which MerchantRMS stands apart from the rest, as it finds all types of fraud through searches conducted from different aspects and points of view.

MerchantRMS uses intelligent systems and unique approaches to eliminate frauds committed in rms online payment. The user-friendly interface of MerchantRMS makes it easy for all users to customize the rules for fraud detection.

Apart from reducing the loss incurred due to payment fraud, we also generate a credit card fraud report and offer insights that you can use to improve your business and website. 

Features of MerchantRMS

At MerchantRMS, we use different systems and technologies that collectively work and offer a wide range of features.

  1. Reliable Device Identification with Trust ID

Trust ID is a device fingerprinting solution that uses a different approach to device identification. Most fraud elimination platforms identify devices based on cookies.

But MerchantRMS uses composite device ID technology to identify the devices instead of cookies, as the data provided by device ID is more reliable and meaningful. TrustID collects information on the desktop or mobile and matches it with the MerchantRMS database that tracks over 100 million devices used in online transactions.

Fraudsters are smart. They can easily disguise the device’s information. But fret not. MerchantRMS is always a step ahead of the fraudster as it can overcome these challenges by tracking the buyer’s

  • Location
  • IP address
  • Network
  • Local time

TrustID can also check if the fraudster is using any proxy servers or VPNs. This way, we make the RMS payment gateway more secure.

  1. Wide Coverage with Nexus

The biggest reason why fraudsters escape is that most of the fraudulent transactions seem like regular transactions. So, how do you detect frauds when they are seemingly genuine or innocent?

The answer is simple - MerchantRMS.

Our Nexus feature covers all bases while detecting credit card fraud. It doesn’t focus on the credit card number alone. Instead, it looks at each data point in the transaction and finds similarities between transactions that may look unrelated.

For instance, Nexus can identify the user’s device and check if it has been used in fraudulent activities in the past. The fraudster may have used a different identity, credit card, or email address, but it can’t get past Nexus’s sight.

  1. Increased Secure Transactions with Mail Vouch

The best credit fraud protection company not only analyzes the credit card and the device used but also looks into the smaller and finer details.

A smart fraudster will not use the same email ID for all fraudulent activities. They generally create a temporary email id and then discard it after committing fraud. MerchantRMS’s Email Address Reputation can analyze the age of the user’s email address that can help in fraud detection.

The system also has millions of email IDs in its database with their creation dates and last seen dates. Apart from this, email IDs with a history of chargeback fraud are also kept on record. This way, MerchantRMS can reduce chargebacks and increase the number of successful and secure transactions.

  1. Monitoring the History through Velocity Checks

With velocity checks, MerchantRMS is capable of checking the transactions made using the credit card in the past through active logging and analyzing. It can also analyze the audit trail of the user to help in reducing credit card fraud.

  1. Versatility with Rules Engine

Most fraud elimination companies’ focus on online shopping businesses alone as it takes up the majority of online payment fraud. However, there are other online businesses and platforms like travel, ticketing, mobile recharge, etc. that also suffer from credit card fraud.

With our rule engine, you can make use of 100,000 rules and 200 data variables that are part of customizable templates that you can easily change to match your industry’s needs and requirements.

  1. Faster Decision Making with the Dashboard

Our dashboard provides real-time data and analytics on the card types, daily payment options, potential fraud sites, etc. This data is identified by our solution with great agility at an accelerated pace. This will help you in making better and more effective decisions.

  1. High Accuracy with Risk Score

MerchantRMS generates a device accuracy score using the TrustID feature. Also, an overall risk score is generated based on the affected rules that you set in the rule engine. With the risk or fraud score, one of three things may happen;

  • Allowed - user is sent to the payment processor to complete the transaction
  • Denied - user is sent back to the merchant’s website
  • Reviewed - merchant will have to manually review the transaction
  1. Comprehensive Persona Management

MerchantRMS can collect and collate the user’s actions from various locations, devices, accounts, and businesses. With the help of alphanumeric identifiers, identify the user who initiates the transactions.

You can also track all the transactions across different site groups done by the person and find linkages to other people who are associated with the persona under investigation.

  1. One-Stop Destination

Apart from all these features and techniques, MerchantRMS also includes fraud data management, risk and controls settings, and trend identification. We also offer a complete picture of every transaction, thus speeding up the process of data verification. This makes MerchantRMS a complete one-stop destination for all your fraud protection-related activities

  1. 360-degree Fraud Detection

MerchantRMS offers extensive black/white lists that include cross-merchant blacklists and lost credit cards. We also send alerts on common anomalies and allow integration with e-Commerce applications.

We also understand the importance of data security and stability. This is why we have disaster recovery management servers set up in multiple locations. 

  1. Advanced User-interface

Our advanced user interface allows you to make searches using any condition like equal, not equal, etc. You can manage Cron and view their status under the reports-view log. What more? You can also export the dashboard as an image and share it with stakeholders.


Running the day-to-day operations of an online platform and establishing yourself in the industry isn’t a stroll in the park. Online payment fraud and credit card fraud can cause massive damages to your finances and business.

MerchantRMS understands this fact and helps you reach greater heights with your business by removing your headaches on all types of fraud. Our success stories highlight the efficiency of our fraud detection system and our adaptability to different industries.

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  1. What is credit card fraud?

Credit card fraud is a type of payment fraud and identity theft, wherein the fraudster steals your personal and financial details to make illegal transactions in your name. 

  1. Can credit card fraud be traced?

Absolutely! Fraud detection and elimination platforms can monitor and track the fraudster’s device, network, email address, and a lot more that can collectively help in tracking and preventing credit card fraud. 

  1. How to stop credit card fraud?

Online business merchants and Payment Service Providers (PSPs) can prevent credit card fraud from taking place on their platform by incorporating the services of an online fraud protection platform.