Fraud meets science.
Our science eats fraud for lunch. And breakfast. And dinner.

Our Technology

Trust ID

TrustID is light-years ahead of cookie-based device identification, utilizing composite device ID technology. We help you easily sort out the bad guys from the good guys.

Packet Analysis

Fraudsters are good at hiding, but we are better at finding them. Our low-level network packets catch them red-handed as they provide not just basic details, but they also detect VPNs and Proxies.

Rule Engine

No matter the type of fraud, it doesn’t go unnoticed by us. We protect your business against all types with rule templates for multiple industries. Travel and tourism, ticketing, software digital downloads, high value luxury goods and mobile recharge - to just name a few.


Our sophisticated Nexus feature doesn't just look at credit card numbers while fighting fraud. It doesn’t leave a single data point unanalyzed! Our technology detects similarities between seemingly unrelated transactions and helps you stay ahead of fraudsters.

Velocity Check

It’s the fraud that you don’t know is occurring that ends up hurting you more! Our Velocity Check feature ensures that historical transaction checks are made on credit cards. It reveals patterns of fraudulent spending that you otherwise might have missed out!

Email Reputation

An email can say a lot about the real person behind it. This is why fraudsters rarely use an email address more than once. Our Email Reputation technology counters their strategy by going beyond just plain email ageing analysis with real email reputation analysis. They can run all they want but they can’t hide from us.

Case Studies

The Airline Industry

We helped a prominent international airline from the APAC region reduce fraud by 97% and their resolution time for suspicions bookings from 8 hours to 2 hours. This resulted in significant improvements to the client's business process efficiencies.

The Mobile Top-up Industry

A major European player in the top-up domain was threatened by fraud, which turned into a major problem likely to impact their profit margins. Potential businesses were lost due to fear of further damage. But with MerchantRMS to the rescue, the client managed to fight fraud away. They saw results right from Day 1, which led to a revenue increase of 10%.

The E-Retail Industry

A prominent electronic items retailer was dealing with a fraud rate of a staggering 11%. This was in spite of dealing with physical goods that makes is difficult to commit fraud and get away with it. Our technology ensured that nobody got away it any further, as the client was able to bring down fraud to just 0.2%.

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